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Since 1959, Bete Mu'u has been providing the ladies of the Hawaiian islands traditional mu'umu'us for ages 2 and up. Many of our customers call on us to provide classic styles fro island performances, choir, hula halau, and community groups. We feature more than 30 different styles of Hawaiian wear, and below, you'll find a sampling of our most popular styles. See why the Bete Mu'umu'u is what you think of when talking about traditional Hawaiian dresses.

Top sellers

There are 5 primary styles (with variations on each) that have been Bete Mu'u top sellers since the 1960s. Be sure to ask by style name or number when searching for the perfect garment. 
Twilight: Style 3
Evening: Style 4
Kupuna: Style 5
Pantaloon: Style 6
Lili'uokalani: Style 10

and don't forget to ask about men's Aloha shirts!

Timeless fashion

Many of our uniform and traditional Mu'umu'u styles are still in use today. These classic styles hold a place in modern Hawaiian fashion because they have the simple, flowing lines of old Hawai'i. 

Contact us today for more information on any of the styles you see on our site. Bete Mu'u will help you find the look you want to capture for your group. We're Hawai’i's true source for vintage, classic Hawaiian mu'umu'us which are still beloved today.

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