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Hawaiian Wear for the Unique Woman

                                   Introduce Tradition to Your Originality

Dress the part of a traditional Hawaii resident with beautiful Hawaiian wear from our Honolulu designers. Bete Mu'u has been nurtured as a family business for more than 50 years. This family tradition continues with sisters Nola and Linda who continue to maintain and honor the classic "Bete Mu'mu'u" look of the traditional Hawaiian mu'umu'u or muumuu.

Known for our integrity, longevity, and excellence in workmanship, we are proud to feature classic styles in traditional Hawaiian garments, including uniforms and the mu'umu'u. Let us match you with the Hawaiian wear that suits your individual style by contacting our company today for a consultation.

Introducing the Traditional Mu'umu'u
The mu'umu'u or muumuu is created in the traditional Hawaiian style for women, with matching styles available for young girls. Our Hawaiian wear ensures classic design lines with excellent workmanship, as all garments are made in Hawaii on-site at our factory. If you are looking to outfit your company or group with the classic lines of the traditional Hawaiian mu'umu'u call Bete Inc today.  Whether you spell it muumuu, mu'umu'u or moo moo, we can help you getting your group outfitted with the classic Hawaiian dress today.
Custom orders are accepted for special occasions and groups. When providing uniforms for a "mixed" group, such as choirs or wedding parties, we are able to offer matching Aloha shirts.

Traditional hawaiian muu muu Dresses, Hawaiian Wear in Honolulu, HI

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more about the ordering and design process for our Hawaiian wear.